Candy Clarkson MA(Ed)

SpLD Specialist Assessor

Assessment for Access Arrangements in Examinations

for UK Schools and Colleges

Do you need a rapid, reliable and robust system of assessment for access arrangements?

Do you want to substantially economise on the time and cost that you currently allocate to assessment for access arrangements?

Would you like a comprehensive and complete service that significantly reduces the burden upon your staffing, rooming and resources and minimizes disruption to the teaching timetable?

See how we do it....

Establishing a Relationship

1. Your SENCO contacts us for an informal, no obligation, discussion about your school's individual requirements.

2. You will receive copies of our assessor's APC (Assessment Practising Certificate), DBS (Update) and passport.

3. Your Exams Officer and SENCO forward to us a copy of your centre policy document on the use of word processors (AA Regs (2020-2021) p51) and a spreadsheet of students to be assessed, which details students': 

  • 4-digit candidate number
  • year group
  • last name
  • first name
  • date of birth
  • SEND need type. 

This is stored securely.

Cost to the School: Free of Charge. 


Screening reliably identifies all your  students who may qualify for access arrangements in examinations and also, those students who need additional support, who may have 'slipped through the net'.

Group testing is carried out by our assessor, taking 20-40 minutes for each group.

Standardised scores are then calculated, recorded and trafiic lighted on the spreadsheet, which is returned to your SENCO for scrutiny, with the following recommendations:

  • Green: Candidates may not need individual assessment for access arrangements.
  • Amber: Candidates may need individual assessment for access arrangements, at SENCO discretion.
  • Red: Candidates will need individual assessment for access arrangements.

Red and amber student scripts are returned to help your SENCO paint a picture of each candidate's ‘normal way of working' and satisfy the JCQ inspection requirement of 'evidence of need'. 

Cost to the School: £300.00 per day + travel or overnight stay (capped at £50).


  • No need to book and set up the ICT suite
  • No maximum group size
  • No upper age limit (for your external candidates).

Individual Assessment

In order to assess selected students for their individual eligibility for an application for access arrangements in examinations, we have arranged the following procedures…

Where our assessor has personally conducted the screening and a TA is on hand to keep up a steady and continuous throughput of students, then we can normally assess 20 students individually in a standard school day – although on occasion, we have considerably exceeded this number.

If, however,  students have been screened by computer, teacher or another qualified assessor, then JCQ regulations require that tests must be repeated.  This will considerably lengthen the time needed for each individual assessment.

This service includes:

  • Supply and completion of the full range of appropriate examiner record forms
  • Completion and return of JCQ Form 8s
  • Return of the spreadsheet updated with the JCQ and centre granted access arrangements recommended.

and is carried out in full consultation and in close collaboration with your SENCO.

Cost to the School: £300.00 per day + travel or overnight stay (capped at £50).


This service ensures that each student is comprehensively assessed for the full range of currently available JCQ and centre granted arrangements, to which they may be entitled.

Independent Schools

We are delighted to work with many independent schools across the UK.

Independent schools for whom parents, guardians or custodians are to be directly invoiced by the assessor for the cost of individual assessment for access arrangements in examinations.

Fee: £50 per pupil, all inclusive.

The Established Relationship

We take great pride in providing a continuous service, with an exemplary standard of care, which honours the time and dedication of your hard working SENCO.

As moderated by your SENCO, our assessor offers a prompt response to parental queries within 14 days of testing.  After 14 days, all information regarding test candidates is either returned to your school to be kept securely, or safely destroyed. 

Thereafter, we offer year round support, with unlimited access to expert advice and all enquiries are very warmly welcomed.

Cost to the School: Free of Charge.

Established in 2010

Schools and Colleges that we have been very pleased to assist with

Assessment for Access​ Arrangements in Examinations

This is what our schools are saying...

''T​hank you for making the whole process of assessment for access arrangements so fast, efficient and painless. And for letting me pick you​r brains on screening procedures. Your advice and support has been truly invaluable.'


Reading Academy

Candy came to our college and worked with tremendous efficiency. She managed to screen 80 students and do 31 individual assessments within 2 days.  She worked with absolute professionalism and it was clear that she has a very thorough knowledge of the processes.

She had a lovely, kind but firm manner with the students. I would definitely recommend her.

Laura Bellerby

Vice Principal and SENCO

Ealing Independent College

'Thank you. You have saved us so much time and money.  You do so much more.  You are worth every penny!' 


North West London Academy

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Candy Clarkson

MA Organisation, Planning and Management in Education (Distinction)

PGCE(Secondary) CertEd(FE) NASENCO (SpLD)APC

SpLD Specialist Assessor

OCR Level 7 Certificate in Assessing and Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia). Awarded 18th November 2010.

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