Candy Clarkson MA.Ed

SpLD Specialist Assessor


'Thanks for the report.  We didn't know what to expect out of the assessment and the diagnosis was not something we expected at all. I had a couple of nights of no sleep after the visit feeling guilty that I had not thought about getting the assessment earlier. I have been doing all kinds of research online for years wondering what the issue could be without having ever figured it could be dyslexia. I am so glad that he got the assessment done now and I am happy to have waited for you as my son came out of the assessment feeling relieved that after years of struggle, things would get a lot easier for him with the help he can seek now.  I am sure you have had the pleasure of changing many kids' lives for the better along the way. Thanks for your services and wishing you good health and happiness always.'

Mrs P N Biggleswade

'Thank you so much, I’m so glad I went for the full report as it’s now much easier for me to understand him and the challenges he goes through. Only the other night he had homework which required him to read some text and then pull out information from it and put into written form (the text was on the other side of the piece of paper he had to write on). It was difficult for me to understand at the time why he had made so many basic spelling mistakes, with sentences that were very basic, with little or no punctuation, however now I get it!'

Mrs H P Newbury

'Thank you so much for the recent assessment you carried out for my son. Your professionalism and kind manner helped put him at ease, to the point he even enjoyed the assessment. The report and diagnosis you have speedily provided is very thorough and we are confident it will ensure he receives the support he requires at University. Thank you once again!'

Mrs J H Theale

'Thank you for all your help and guidance to get us to this point. You have really made a difference to my daughter's school life and I am really so very grateful for your help.  Wishing you all the best.'

Mrs J K Newbury

'My daughter really enjoyed her visit to see you and I would like to thank you for your very comprehensive report. It has been a great help.'

Mrs N C Reading

'Thank you for such a thorough and informative report.'

Mrs R K Henley-on-Thames

'Thank you for sending your report so quickly. Very professional.'

Mr C W Newbury

'I Just thought I would let you know that since I saw you in August to do my Post 16 Diagnostic assessment I have Began University, settled in and began lectures. I want to say thank you firstly for your efficiently in all areas to make the report happen before I had to leave for university it has certainly meant I had less stress, but also thank you for making me feel welcome in your home and making me feel comfortable at all times during testing. I certainly learnt some things about myself during the few hours I spent with you and this is allowing me to prepare myself fully for the academic and personal challenges I will be facing over the coming three years. The report fully explained my needs and additional support requirements that I will need throughout university despite them being very complicated and this is credit to yourself for managing to bring together a report that was so reflective of my personal difficulties and circumstances. I have received full DSA funded support and examination arrangements, and am also going through referral process for ADD. The University and teaching staff have all been so supportive since I arrived here. I feel very positive about the challenges of the next 3 years and I'm confident I will succeed and do well in my degree. Thank you for all your time and support and you no doubt have had a huge role in enabling me to cope with my university education.'

Ms A W Tadley

'Thank you so much for the report. I just went through it with my mum and we are so happy with it.

It is such a relief to finally have a diagnosis.'

Miss D G Basingstoke

'We just wanted to say thank you for the assessment you completed with our son on Monday. Your relaxed and welcoming manner definitely helped put our son at ease for the assessment. We all feel that the having the dyslexia diagnosis will help to plan and support him in the future. He felt really positive after the assessment with you although somewhat exhausted for the rest of the day! Once again thank you for your help.'

Mrs T G Swindon

'My daughter was successful at her tribunal. They agreed she had difficulties with communication, reading and managing her finances. She will now receive PIP backdated to when they stopped her benefits last December. They quoted your assessment and report during their questioning. Thank you very much for your time and support.'

Mrs S B Windsor

'I'm delighted to let you know that our son did very well in his IGCSEs - six A*s and four As!  Your intervention made all the difference to his performance and we both continue to thank you so very much for it, as, without the extra time, he would most definitely have struggled to achieve his potential. Hoping you and yours are keeping well. Best wishes.'

Mrs J K Wokingham

'Candy. Many thanks for our daughter’s report. I feel like we’ve been stood in front of a locked door for years and then suddenly someone has just handed us a key. So thank you very much for the key – Let’s see what’s on the other side of the door! Thank you for unlocking our daughter’s mind. We’re very happy with the report so please do send over the final and signed versions.'

Mr J R Newbury

'Dear Candy, This is fabulous, thank you so much. If you are able to send final version over the weekend that would be fabulous as the SENCO has asked for it ahead of next week’s exam. I’m recommending you to a friend who is concerned that her 15-year son may have dyslexia. Huge thanks for all you have done to support our son, it is truly appreciated.'

Mrs D P Chipping Norton