Candy Clarkson MA(Ed)

SpLD Specialist Assessor

Our Diary and Feedback from Schools

Access Arrangements for the Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Autumn Term Week 7

Week beginning 19th October, 2020

A day trip to a Kent secondary school.  11 preselected students group tested and then seen individually.  The  spreadsheet of group screening test results, with JCQ and centre-granted access arrangements requested, along with completed Form 8s given to the SENCO.  There followed a close sharing of experiences about the role of the SENCO, discussing training opportunities to gain the Level 7 and selecting a bank of useful resources to make the complete process of assessment for access arrangements efficient and effective.

'As a new SENCo I was very worried about organising the Access Arrangements for our current year 11.  Candy was so helpful throughout the process, from the initial assessment of our students to guiding me through the Form 8 and Concise Note process.  Thank you so much, Candy'.  SENCO

Autumn Term Week 6

Week beginning 12th October, 2020
Delightful return visit to a Berkshire college, ably assisted by a wonderful SEN Administrator.  We group tested 48 pre-selected students in the exam/sports hall and then individually assessed them for application for access arrangements.  Completed Form 8s and the spreadsheet detailing JCQ and centre granted access arrangements recommended were then submitted.  All completed in 2 days.

Thought for the day: What exactly is it, that (Formerly known as 'LUCID Exact') can possibly do, that a Specialist Assessor couldn't easily do more cheaply, efficiently and effectively?

Autumn Term Week 5

Week beginning 5th October, 2020

A two day visit to a London academy.  34 preselected students group tested and then seen individually.  The  spreadsheet of group screening test results, with JCQ and centre-granted access arrangements requested, all completed Form 8s and lastly, a report for a student requiring 50% extra time to support the SENCO`s application to the Awarding Bodies, were all then emailed to the very appreciative Exams Officer and SENCO.  Looking forward to going back to the school, for one day in the Spring Term, to see the students who missed testing due to being out of school.

'Hi, thanks so much for your work this week. We were so impressed. It’s so good to have a real expert. We will certainly book you in at some point to mop up the other year 10s. Those year 10s are one of are toughest classes.

Our headteacher was impressed too when you shhhed her!'  SENCO


Autumn Term Week 4

Week beginning 28th September, 2020

Having spent the summer in lockdown and fully preparing for the academic year ahead, we took a much needed holiday in the wet and windy wilds of Dartmoor.

October is now fully booked and our diary is filling up fast. There are still some spaces left in the second half of Autumn term and in the Spring term, up to the JCQ extended deadline of 31st March.

Autumn Term Week 3

Week beginning 21st September 2020
Our first assignment this academic year, was a 2-day return visit to a London Academy.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, how did we do it?

Students could only be group tested in their bubbles and seated 2 metres apart, so we sanitised the desks between each classroom sitting and gave out box fresh pens and paper.

For individual assessments, all students wore masks and hand sanitized on arrival.  Reading materials were presented in a vinyl folder, each page in its own plastic sleeve and wiped down after each use.  After exchange of written papers, sanitizer was used again.

23 pre-selected students were seen, of which 13 required a completed Form 8 and the rest a SENCO file note or centre granted arrangements only.

'Candy, Thank you so much for your expertise over the past two days.'  SENCO