Candy Clarkson MA.Ed

SpLD Specialist Assessor

Our Service

Establishing a Relationship

1. Your SENCO contacts us for an informal, no obligation, discussion about your school's individual requirements and the general profile of the cohort to be assessed.

2. You will receive copies of our assessor's APC (Assessment Practising Certificate), DBS (Update) and passport.

3. Your Exams Officer and SENCO forward to us:

a) A list of the access arrangements reasonably offered by your centre.

b) A copy of your centre policy document on the use of word processors (AA Regs (2021-2022) p.57).

c) An EXCEL spreadsheet of students to be screened and/or assessed, which details your students': 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Year Group

  • 4-digit Candidate Number

  • SEND need type (if applicable). 

This information is stored securely.

Cost to the School: Free of Charge.

Please Note:

Requests to use our credentials as evidence of an 'established relationship', simply to satisfy JCQ criteria to act as an examination centre, will always be politely declined.

Group Screening

Our screening procedure reliably identifies all your students who may need additional support in their exams.  We do this by sampling all the component literacy skills and behaviours needed to successfully sit a formal, written examination.

Using a selection of written, psychometric tests approriate to the profile of your cohort, screening is conducted under formal exam conditions by our assessor, taking 20-40 minutes for each group.

Standardised scores are then calculated, recorded and traffic lighted on the spreadsheet, which along with notes and observations, is returned to your SENCO for scrutiny, with the following recommendations:

  • Green: Candidates may not need individual assessment for access arrangements.
  • Amber: Candidates may need individual assessment for access arrangements: SENCO to advise.
  • Red: Candidates will need individual assessment for access arrangements.

When completing Part 1 of JCQ Form 8s, your SENCO may use our screening results as supplementary evidence.

Benefits compared with other screening systems:

  • No maximum group size;
  • No upper age limit;
  • No expensive software to install, requiring data entry and updates, successive ICT suite bookings, script scrutiny and printing costs;
  • No packs of student response booklets to purchase, administer, mark, score, record and store.

Cost to the School: £300.00 per day + travel or overnight stay - capped at £50.

Annually reviewed on 6th April each year.

Individual Assessment

Individual assessment is a 'standalone' service, tailored to fully complement and articulate with your school's chosen screening procedures. 

This ensures that each student is comprehensively assessed for the complete range of currently available JCQ and Centre Granted Access Arrangements, as is reasonably offered by your school and to which they may be entitled. 

Using a blend of first group and then one-to-one testing; and with a TA on hand ready to keep up a steady and continuous throughput of students, we can assess 20 individual students in a standard school day; although we often considerably exceed this number.

This service includes:

  • Receipt of at least a 'skeleton' Part 1 of Form 8s, addressing the three questions within Part 1.
  • Supply, completion, secure storage and safe disposal of the full range of appropriate examiner record forms.
  • Return of completed Data Protection Notices and student scripts.
  • Electronic return of completed Part 2 of Form 8s, to enable the SENCO to make the online applications.
  • Electronic return of the spreadsheet updated with the appropriate JCQ and Centre Granted Access Arrangements discussed with your SENCO.  This assists your Exams Officer with planning the rooming, resourcing and staffing of examinations.

All work is carried out in full consultation and in close collaboration with your SENCO and Exams Officer.

Cost to the School: £300.00 per day + travel or overnight stay - capped at £50.

Annually reviewed on 6th April each year.

Clerical Work

For every 100 students screened or individually assessed, the following number of additional days will be needed by your assessor, to complete and return to you all the appropriate paperwork:

Students      Screened      Assessed

1     -  50            0                  0

51   - 100           0                  1

101 - 200           1                  2

201 - 300           2                  3

301 - 400           3                  4

401 - 500           4                  5

501 - 600           5                  6

Cost to the School: £300.00 per day.

Annually reviewed on 6th April each year.

The Established Relationship

We take great pride in providing a continuous service, with an exemplary standard of care, which honours the time, dedication and professionalism of your hard working SENCO.

As moderated by your SENCO, our assessor offers a prompt response to parental queries, up to 14 days after individual assessment.  After 14 days, all information regarding test candidates is either returned to your school to be kept securely, or safely destroyed; unless otherwise directed by your SENCO. 

Thereafter, we offer year round support, with unlimited access to expert advice and all enquiries are very warmly welcomed.

Cost to the School: Free of Charge.

Recommended Reading:

'Assessing the Need for Access Arrangements in Examinations: A Practical Guide - Sixth Edition'

by Lia Castiglione, available from: